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Meeting Theme

‘Strengthening the Human Capital of the Ghanaian Youth through Education.”

 Human Capital is crucial to the development of any nation. This is so because “Human Capital” consists of the intangible collective resources possessed by individuals or groups within a jurisdiction. These resources include all the knowledge, talents, skills, abilities, experience, intelligence, training, judgment, and wisdom possessed individually and collectively; the cumulative total of which represents a critical part of the wealth available to the nation.

The ability of a country  to follow any transformative paths is thus determined by the capacity and human capital of its people.

With the youth being key agents of development, it is important that their skills, knowledge, talents, abilities, intelligence, etc. are well – nurtured, groomed, developed, managed and strengthened to reap the necessary benefits not only for their individual aspirations but also for the country as whole.

In line with this, the second Ghana Youth Meeting to commemorate the 2019 International Youth Day will explore how Ghana can strengthen the human capital of its youthful population by prioritizing Sustainable Development Goal 4.

The various activities scheduled as part of the event including the panel discussions, workshop and debate sessions will leverage on the expertise of speakers including, business and corporate executives, diplomats, technical experts, academia, governance practitioners and government officials as well as participants to discuss, share ideas and propose modalities on how the human capital of young people can be well developed and strengthened through education for the sustainable development of the country.